Barlow Basics

Quick tips for navigating BMES

  • Yellow slips – Send your child with a yellow slip or other note in his/her backpack when s/he is being dismissed in a different way than normal (e.g., play date, early pick up, pick up by another adult). If plans change during the day, please call the office and/or email the teacher. When you pick up your child, go to security and then to the office. The office staff will call the classroom, and your child will walk down to meet you.
  • 4:00 pick-up – If you’re picking up your child from BMES at 4:00 dismissal, s/he will be dismissed from the gym. Go to security, get a badge and then wait in the cafeteria until the gym doors open. 
  • Early pick-up – Need to pick your child up early? Send a yellow slip or note in your child’s backpack stating the time. If it’s just before dismissal, pick up at 3:50 so as not to disturb the classroom. After checking in with security, wait outside the front office for your child. When your child arrives, please let the office staff know and then head out.
  • Good people to know – Marie Cholko and Carolyn Hamilton do an amazing job of running the front office. They can usually answer most parent questions.
  • When to call the nurse – Call school nurse Loretta Steinman (203-894-7700, then press 4), by 9:00 am if your child will be absent from school. If you do not call the school, you will receive an automated call from the district later in the day. 
  • School lunch – Chartwells runs the district’s school lunch program. The cost of each lunch is $2.55. The menus can be found on the district website Simplify the lunch line by enrolling your child for a pre-paid lunch card through the Chartwell's website.
  • Snack – Pack one healthy snack for your child each day. If you have a kindergartener, you'll need to pack two!
  • Seeing your child at school – Your child’s teacher and CVC (classroom volunteer coordinator) will offer opportunities throughout the year for you to get involved. a. Lunch Buddies – Parents of K-1 can volunteer any day during your child’s lunch and recess to be extra eyes and hands b. Book in a Bag – Parents of K-1 read with students one-on-one c. Library volunteer d. Guest Reader
  • Questions? – If you have questions, there’s always someone to ask! Contact a member of the PTA, your CVC, or a member of the school office staff.  The PTA's email is



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